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What Is The Perfect Brake JobTM?

What is a Perfect Brake Job? It's more than just a marketing coined name given to describe a professionally thorough brake job. It was developed as a business doctrine to help part stores and repair facilities improve, grow business and help explain to vehicle owners the value, quality and benefits (return on investment) to getting a brake job done right. There are marketing and training tools available...Read more.

The Perfect Brake JobTM Training

Providing customers with a perfect brake job starts with making sure you cover all the basics. Learn more and download The Perfect Brake Job™ poster to walk through the steps.

Tech Tips

The new website features ongoing Tech Tips to help you do your job best. Currently, you can learn more about the best way to lubricate disc brake pads as well as the proper technique for bedding-in brakes.

Police Severe Duty Friction Ad

See the new NAPA Brakes Ultra Premium Severe Duty ad in various police publications! Check for upcoming Police Severe Duty Friction Ad

Brake Display Board

When explaining the differences across NAPA's line of premium friction products, it helps tremendously to have a visual aid to let customers weigh the pros for themselves. We created the Brake Display Board for this very purpose.

3D Interactive Brake Display

May—August The 3D Interactive Brake Display Board from NAPA Brakes is an invaluable tool when it comes to explaining a perfect brake job to your customers. This hand's-on display fits nicely at the end of an aisle and will allow your customers to spin through and compare product choices to help determine The Perfect Brake Job® for their vehicle. This is a must-have display for every store.
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