BEST — Ultra Premium Pads


NAPA Brakes® Ultra Premium brake pads and shoes are your best choice for restoring OE performance without having to pay dealership prices. Independent testing verifies that these pads conform to federal safety standards for new car production and are guaranteed quiet for lasting customer satisfaction.

Why It’s an Important Part of The Perfect Brake Job™

More than any other brand in the Aftermarket, NAPA Brakes Ultra Premium friction formulations are independently tested to ensure the vehicle returns to like-new performance.

Ultra Premium Coverage

Cataloged for passenger cars and trucks built mostly in the past 15 years. Ultra Premium availability includes NAPA’s broadest coverage of vehicles from Lexus to Mercedes, Jeep to GMC trucks, Honda to Hyundai and everything in-between.

Features & Benefits

  • NAPA Brakes Ultra Premium brake pads are engineered to the highest safety standards to meet or exceed the vehicle’s OE performance
  • NAPA Brakes Ultra Premium brake pads offer four times as many friction formulations to match the form, fit and function of the pad they’re replacing
  • For applications that require ceramic formulations, NAPA Brakes Ultra Premium ceramic brake pads cover more applications than any other Aftermarket ceramic brake pad and offer the cleanest, quietest braking possible
  • The shims, slots and chamfers match the OE design for maximized noise reduction*NAPA Brakes Ultra Premium brake shoes are bonded or riveted to OE standards
  • Hardware is included (where applicable)
  • Every NAPA Brakes Ultra Premium brake pad or shoe is guaranteed quiet for long-term customer satisfaction

SKUs: 1,120+
Warranty: Limited Lifetime warranty


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